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Oakley Cundall


Oakley Cundall is a photographer from Caithness. He is a trustee for Dunbeath Preservation Trust and currently works as a Mechanical Engineer. 

Artist Statement

This collection of work was inspired by a common theme in Neil Gunn’s work; 

The fleeting existence of the ways and culture of old. Neil Gunn left his home of Caithness for quite some time, and upon coming home was shocked and dismayed at the way that life had changed and diminished upon his return. This feeling moved Gunn such that these emotions featured heavily in his first book The Grey Coast. 

This collection of photographs features shadows of a culture and society near gone; the last echoes of landmarks that once stood proud in the times that Gunn wrote about. I feel both incredibly lucky to have seen these remnants before they disappear and also incredibly sad that soon Gunn’s books will outlive these places and lifestyles of old.


Oakley Cundall: Event
Oakley Cundall: Pro Gallery
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