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Dairmid Gunn

Dairmid Gunn is a nephew of Neil M Gunn and is an essayist and editor. In addition he has led a distinguished career in the Royal Navy and as a diplomat and Russian specialist.

Tom Hubbard

Tom Hubbard was the first Librarian of the Scottish Poetry Library.  
He is a writer of novels, short stories, plays and non fiction, a translator, poet, and visiting Professor in Scottish and comparative literature and aesthetics. 
He is an Irish Scot.

Kirsty Gunn

Kirsty Gunn has taught and written about Neil Gunn at the the University of Dundee where she is Research
Professor of Writing Practice and Study. She is published by Faber & Faber and internationally.

John Burns

John Burns teaches English and Tai Chi. He is a writer of poetry and short stories including; Celebration of the Light: Zen in the Novels of Neil Gunn. He is a founding editor of Cencrastus, and is now on the editorial team of Southlight magazine.

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Ian Scott

Ian Charles Scott is an artist
from Caithness, Scotland who
lives and teaches painting in
New York. He has won many
prestigious awards and his
paintings can be found in the
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Aberdeen Art Gallery,  Dundee Art Gallery,  Royal Scottish Academy, 
Koyo Institute and Dublin Art
Gallery, among others.

Alexandra Mureșan

Alexandra Muresan is a glass artist from Romania and a lecturer at the Ceramic and Glass Department within the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is the recipient of several awards and her  pieces have been exhibited in Cluj, Bistrița, Bucharest, Warsaw, Berlin, Lybster, Bornholm, Prague, Plzen, Bergen and Rome.

Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson  is an author, 

scholar, editor and translator. 

He is a Fellow of the Society 

of Antiquaries of London and

taught literature and art history

 at the University of Aberdeen.

He is currently Senior Research

Fellow in Renaissance and

Baroque Studies and Curator

of the Campion Hall Collection, 

University of Oxford.

Edgar Jones

Edgar Jones is a 
psychotherapist. He 
is currently
programme leader for 
the MSc in War and 
Psychiatry at King's 
College London.
He is a leading expert 
in the psychological 
effects of modern 
war and conflict.

Edinburgh City
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Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum 

have kindly shared 

some photographs of

the London Blitz from

their collection.

This illustrates the period

of history that Gunn‘s

‘The Shadow’ is set in.


WordPath is Scotland’s 
innovative, dynamic and
successful online creative
writing programme.
Delivering a highly 
creative, inspirational 
and intensely practical 
course and taught by
a small and friendly 
team of internationally 
published award-winning 

Meaghan Delahunt

Meaghan Delahunt is a 
writer and essayist. Her 
latest novel 
The Night-Side of the 
Country is currently 
being developed into a 
Together with Kirsty Gunn, 
she has created a unique 
online writing programme 
that teaches creative 
writing called Wordpath.

Woodland Trust Scotland 

WoodlandTrust Scotland 
works to plant and halt 
the loss of native woods 
and trees and restore 
existing woodland to peak 
condition from Sutherland 
to Stranraer. ‘The Shadow’
is set around the author’s 
own farmhouse in Dingwall, 
Sutherland and surrounding 

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